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The #RepresentationMatters campaign is our way to showcase black professionals making history in real-time. We pride ourselves on uplifting and projecting the best images for our community to break stereotypes while shaping the narrative of what excellence looks like in our culture.

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It’s important to see Black artist thriving

My business represents body inclusivity for curvy women. It’s a market that’s been ignored for years by the fashion industry.

I want people to feel seen and valued when they experience me and my business and one way to do so is by showcasing the brilliance of being a black-owned, women-owned business in Kansas City.

Representation means serving the community I come from by performing at the highest level and showing that people that look like us can perform and outperform in any industry, company, or environment we choose. We simply have to put our minds to it and put action to those thoughts.

Steven Green is a traveling High Fashion Photographer and Creative Director with over 7 years of industry experience. Steven specializes in both still & motion photography. His imagery style is abstract, editorial, and clean. Steven enjoys working on location and in-studio to create dynamic campaign images.

Dynamic creative and innovative Business Development Specialist with over 6 years in Product Development, Marketing, Branding, Promotions, Public Relations, and Project Communications Management that cross mixes to enable startup and established companies to increase leads and revenue with custom system infrastructure plans with a clear ontology of entities. 

Executive Chef Shanita McAfee-Bryant is the winner of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen and in 2012 opened Magnolia’s Southern CuisineRestaurant in Kansas City, Missouri. Shanita’s passion for food started with the homemade crust she made for an apple pie at the age of 13. Just four years later with a new baby in tow, she trained at The Culinary Institute at Johnson County Community College.

Camille put her hobby into a dream and began an intensive Wedding Planning and Design education; obtaining many professional certifications. She is a connector who loves to bring people together. In and out of her professional life, she is always finding herself in the middle of planning fun and memorable events for the people around her. That’s why professional event planning is right up her alley.



CLOUT is an employment readiness program that provides comprehensive support for our member’s career development. Utilizing assessment tools to provide tailored development content. BXKC is a resource of accountability for all our members.



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VENTURE FOR AMERICA: Kansas City Community Director

As the, you will be the face of Venture For America. You will help build awareness and excitement from the local community and support our Fellows in their professional journeys. You will cultivate a community for the Kansas City Fellows, identify and foster relationships with Company Partners, and be responsible for maintaining and building donor relations.

University of Washington: Inclusive Product Management (IPM) Accelerator

The Inclusive Product Management (IPM) Accelerator is a free, ten-week product management pipeline program that broadens access to economic opportunity by bringing more diverse voices to the Product Management community who can inspire innovations that universally improve lives.