community + benefits

Black Excellence KC is a way for Black professionals to develop leadership and industry-specific skills to rocket their careers. No matter the industry. This community also vets educational and career opportunities to help our members find fulfillment, while providing a welcoming space for motivated Black professionals to have fun and get to know one another.


  • Meals with corporate executives
  • Learning sessions on how business builders created multi-million dollar businesses
  • Discovering the keys to current executives’ success
  • Access to our member-only video learning platform
  • Mastermind groups for getting promoted faster and dealing with issues at work


Connect with great people. Whether through personality matching or over activities like horseback riding, practicing cooking with a famous chef, or learning how to be a film critic from a pro, our goal is to help professionals meet their new best friends.


  • Personality mapping – learn who you are and what will make you happy
  • Access to your next job opportunity (we even coach the employers on how to make it a great place for you)
  • A community that can help you solve any problem


  • Activities and events you just won’t see anywhere else
  • Get to know other ambitious Black professionals
  • Things to do outside of the club 
  • Okay, okay …we occasionally toss in just a little club.