KC Race, Equity and Inclusion Project

This is a VIRTUAL conversation aimed at making Kansas City and its entire region more equitable.

You are invited to participate in the VIRTUAL Racial Equity and Inclusion Workshop called the Groundwater Approach presented by the Racial Equity Institute (REI) on Friday, December 9th, 9a-12p. The Groundwater Approach teaches how to use data to measure the systemic impact of racism and to track institutional change.

REI works, across the country, with individuals like you to understand the factors that have led to current day inequities and helps to put us in position to break down those barriers, so that more individuals have the opportunity for success.

This training is an interactive presentation on the nature and impact of structural racism and what it looks like across institutions.

We will:

  • Examine narratives around racial disproportionality
  • Make use of compelling research data to illustrate the systemic nature of racism
  • Explore the fallacy of typical explanations of poverty, education, social class, individual behavior, or cultural attributes that often get associated with particular racial groups.

Before addressing racial inequity or perceived acts of discrimination or oppression it is critical to understand what institutional racism looks like and the devastating impact it wields on our nation’s people, economy and social institutions.

We realize that these issues are not new and that we have had variations of this conversation before. However, there are several groups beginning to synergize so that we have a different kind of conversation than we have had in the past – one that is focused on getting better results for our entire community.

We know that you care deeply about the growth and development of a prosperous, diverse Kansas City. We hope that you will join us in this learning experience, as we work together to make a change in our beloved community.


KC Race, Equity and Inclusion Project Team

Supported and Funded through the Kauffman Foundation

*It is important that you complete the half-day-long training, in its entirety*

Registration is a two-step process. The virtual registration contact link will be shared a couple of days before the session. You will need to complete that step to receive the webinar link and discussion link.