Many of us know that the black community has struggled to overcome systemic barriers for centuries. Black economists believe financial freedom is one way to combat systemic oppression. The current devastation of COVID -19 has hardened the task of creating a true economic system for the black community but makes it even more evident that we need one. What does a black economic system look like that fits our culture? This forum is created to start that conversation.

Black Excellence KC is proud to present a panel of experts who are proponents of creating such a system. We hope to conceptualize the idea of sustaining the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in the black community.

Moderated by NY Times writer, John Eligon. Our panelists are as follows:

  • Dell Gines, MBA, MSF, CEcD | Senior Community Development Advisor of Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – Omaha Branch
  • Davin Gordon | Senior Business Development Officer of AltCap
  • Brandon Calloway | Executive Director & Co-Founder of G.I.F.T
  • Craig Moore II | Board President & Co-Founder of Black Excellence KC

View the Town Hall today at 7 pm :